For Registered Families

Thank you for registering for Summer Camp at the Urban Ecology Center (UEC). We will have days full of fun, exploration and making new friends. Please see the reminders below to kick off each camp with a smooth start. 

You will receive an email with reminders to the address you included with registration 1-2 weeks prior to the beginning of each camp session for which you’ve registered. Multi-week camp information will be sent out ahead of the first week of camp. These emails may contain camp counselor information, specific reminders for the registered week and what to bring. We have also included general information below for your reference in advance.  

Urban Ecology Center summer camp is licensed by the State of Wisconsin, which helps us align our policies and procedures even more closely with statewide best practices of providing your child/ren with fun, healthy, and safe summer camp experiences! 

Reminders for your camper’s experience: 

  • Backpack–Please send your child with a backpack they can carry throughout the day. In their backpack will be their lunch, water bottle, and extra clothes. Please label your child’s backpack with their name in a conspicuous area so they don’t get mixed up. 
  • Nutrition–You will need to pack a lunch for your child. Please make every effort to pack a healthy lunch and 2 healthy snacks. A nutritious lunch, according to USDA guidelines, includes a fruit, vegetable and source of protein and includes milk. Foods high in sugar and simple carbohydrates do not provide the necessary nutrition children need to thrive physically, emotionally or intellectually. Please do not send sugary drinks with your child. If your child is allergic to milk, submit a signed statement from their healthcare provider that lists suitable milk alternative(s) that you will provide in their lunch each day. For additional information about the USDA guidelines for a healthy eating lifestyle, go to: Please include with your child’s lunch a cooling pack if anything must be kept cool. We will not be using refrigeration for personal items. 
  • Sunscreen/Insect Repellent–On your child’s registration form, you indicated whether or not we can apply UEC-provided sunscreen and insect repellent. If you choose to have your child bring their own sunscreen and/or insect repellent, please label each original bottle with their name. Our camp counselors will keep it for them to use when needed, as required by the State. We will have spray-type and/or lotion sunscreen available for use throughout the summer camps, as well as bug spray with up to 25% DEET.
  • Water–Please send a reusable water bottle with your child so they can stay hydrated throughout the day. Children will be responsible for carrying their own water bottles to and from the days’ activities. We will have drinking water available to refill as needed. Please label your child’s water bottle with their name on a piece of tape. 
  • Clothing for the weather and extra clothing–Please send with your child the clothing necessary for the weather each day and with a hat to help protect from the sun. If it rains (but not storming), we will be outside. If it is hot, we will be outside and will take extra measures to keep cool and have water-based cooling methods available, which may include misters, sprinklers and water play. We will monitor the weather continuously and will communicate anticipated needs as they arise. If your child is prone to getting messy, it is a good idea to send an extra set of clothing with them. If your child is in our Kindergarten camps, please send a complete extra set of clothing with them (socks, underwear, shirt, bottoms) in a labeled zip-top bag. 
  • Medications–If possible, please arrange camper medications so they do not need to be administered during the camp day. In the event your child needs medication during the camp day, you will be responsible for providing the medication in its original packaging (which indicates the medication and ingredient strength) in a plastic bag, labeled with your child’s name. You will also need to complete a Medication Administration Authorization form for each day your child will need each medication (Page 2: All medications will be kept by either camp counselors or camp director in a locked container during the day. All medications will be returned at pick up time daily. Any prescription medications must be in the pharmacy-issued container(s) and labeled with the child’s name, medication and dosage instructions. Non-prescription medications must be in their original packaging and aligned with the medication label instructions. We will not accept any medications which are not in clearly-labeled packaging. 
  • Immunization Records–Per licensing regulations, we must have current immunization records for your child(ren) to attend camp. Immunization records may be submitted at the time of registration, emailed, dropped off or sent to the Urban Ecology Center by June 1st. If you need to email, drop off or send immunization records, please do so with the information below. A printout from your doctor or the state register is sufficient (or this form: 
  • Email completed forms or immunization records to Camp Staff at Urban Ecology Center:
  • Drop off or mail to: Urban Ecology Center Summer Camps-Riverside Park, 

1500 E. Park Place, Milwaukee, WI 53211

Health Guidelines

  • COVID-19–Urban Ecology Center policies align with the CDC guidance for Milwaukee County (  Reference signs regarding masking will be at each Center's entrances and updated in accordance with COVID-19 community levels. Depending on the program and following guidance from our partners, some programs may continue to require masking, and program participants will be notified ahead of time. 
  • Any health information that may impact a camper’s ability to participate in camp activities must be communicated to the camp center through registration information, by email in advance of programming or in-writing to the summer camp check-in staff at the time of drop off. 


How to know which location to visit for camp? 

Each camp has a code in its session name. Those with RP are Riverside Park and MV are at Menomonee Valley. The location is also shared in the email reminders and posted locations on our website. Location addresses are below. 

Riverside Park

  • 1500 E. Park Place, Milwaukee, WI 53211
  • Phone: 414-964-8505

Menomonee Valley

  • 3700 W. Pierce Street, Milwaukee, WI 53215
  • Phone: 414-431-2940

May I sign up for Before and/or After Care? 

Absolutely! Please find the date(s)/week(s) and location on our program list to register online. Registration will be available through the end of each respective camp week. Please register in advance (and registration is available in a pinch if needed). 

Before Care is 8am-9:15am daily and After Care is 3:45-5pm daily during camp offerings and for registered campers. 

Campers may arrive to check in between 9:15-9:30am and check out between 3:30-3:45pm without Before and After Care. 

How do I check in or out? 

On the first day of camp, report to the camp location and locate the sign-in table for summer camps. There will be temporary signs pointing to the check-in location. 

If the weather is cooperative, check-in will be located outdoors. If inclement weather, check-in may be outdoors under a canopy or cover, or indoors and is based on the forecast and staffing. 

  • Riverside Park check in may be at the west entrance to the building (under the tower).
  • Menomonee Valley check in may be in the greenspace across the street from our main entrance. 

All campers must be physically signed in and out on the daily sign-in sheets. Campers who may be arriving to camp with someone different than an adult or on their own accord must have an alternate arrival and/or release form on-file to sign themselves in and/or out (

Check in and/or check out locations may be adjusted according to staffing, weather and location-specific activities. 

Campers may arrive to check in between 9:15-9:30am and check out between 3:30-3:45pm. 

What do I do if my camper needs to be dropped off late or picked up early? 

  • Please limit planning late drop off and early pick up if possible. Our campers head out on excursions and activities in the parks for much of the camp day, so it can be challenging to arrange other times for pick-up and drop-off. If your child’s camp is going on a field trip, they may be unable to join the group if arriving late or may not be able to get picked up early (depending on the field trip location). 
  • If your camper is running late to camp (for arrival after 9:30am), please contact the branch at which they are currently attending or call 414.626.7300. Please leave a message if we cannot answer your call.
  • If necessary to drop-off late or pick-up early, please contact the Camp Director at your location–either when you’re onsite for check-in or check-out, or call the branch location at which your child is attending during the camp day. You may also call 414.626.7300 for any branch.
  • All campers must be signed in and out daily on the hard-copy sheets. Please do not pick up your child without doing so. 

What will the campers do? 

We will spend most of our time outdoors, so please be sure your child is prepared with appropriate clothing and shoes. Please have your child wear closed-toe shoes they can hike and run in (no flip flops, crocs or open-toe sandals please!)

Campers may explore the park adjacent to the camp location or may go on field trips to other parks and green spaces around Milwaukee. Express permission for daily field trips will be requested at the time of sign-in on the day of the trip. 

How do I contact the UEC camp team if needed (in general or to communicate a daily/immediate shift)? 

  • If you need to reach someone between 7:45a-5p on camp days, please contact the Summer Camp team by email or phone. You may call the branch at which your child is attending– messages may be temporarily parked before they are transferred to our team. 
  • If you have questions or cannot reach someone by calling the branch, please contact us at: Phone: 414-626-7300 or Email: (emails will be addressed as we can. They may not be addressed immediately)
  • Primary parent/guardian will be called if your child is not checked in to camp by 10am daily during the week(s) in which they’re registered. This sometimes overlaps communications. We appreciate your understanding. 

Why am I being asked to provide milk in my child’s lunches? 

As a licensed Day Camp with the State of Wisconsin, the Urban Ecology Center is required to ensure all participants have nutritious meals while in our care. A nutritious lunch, according to USDA guidelines, includes a fruit, vegetable and source of protein and includes milk. Urban Ecology Center staff may share verbal or written reminders of nutritious meal guidelines. If your child is not to consume milk, a written note signed by their healthcare provider must include the specification and milk alternative(s) you will send in your child’s meals. 

What are the camp weeks for Urban Ecology Center Summer Camps? 

Week 1: June 24 - 28

Week 2: July 1 - 3 (3 days)

Week 3: July 8 - 12

Week 4: July 15 - 19

Week 5: July 22 - 25 (4 days)

Week 6: July 29 - Aug 2

Week 7: Aug 5 - 9

Week 8: Aug 12 - 15 (4 days)

Week 9: Aug 19 - 23